The swag box

THE SWAG BOX : Ephemeral boxes dedicated to fashion

Who hasn't wanted to receive jewelry in their mailbox?

This is the concept we propose with the bracelet case. A selection of fancy bracelets, delivered each month in a silk pouch. Thanks to a subscription of € 25,99 per month, you receive two fancy bracelets. In the trends of the month, they are colorful and adapted to the season. No more tricks on the shelves or on the internet to look for an ideal hand jewelry, let yourself be surprised it's so much better! An original idea to have fun or to please for a birthday or Valentine's Day for example.


Monthly subscription € 25,99 PER MONTH (FREE SHIPPING COSTS)



Which stores offer cheap and quality anchor bracelets? Do not search anymore ! Our anchor bracelets have been designed for men who love sailing and boats. The sea anchor recalls the boats of fishermen at sea who go fishing off the salty coasts of our beautiful country. The choice of an anchor was made to recall the lines of the sailboats reminding the speed of their navigation on the sea and the ocean. A maritime bracelet for a masculine and romantic style. Our nautical colored leather bracelet is made with the greatest care with a concern for quality. This braided leather cord is solid and will dress your wrist to give it the charm of authenticity. Black, red, blue, yellow and white ... as you can see, the choice is wide. Now you have the opportunity to enhance your manhood with our stainless steel marine anchor bracelets.
Sailing enthusiasts have every reason to be seduced by our sailboat bracelets! A boat bracelet for all clothing styles The boat bracelet is an essential accessory for men. Chic, sober and relaxed, this jewel inspired by the marine world accompanies you every day to allow you to assert your personality in all circumstances. Depending on whether you want to adopt an elegant and discreet style, you can wear your choice on the black anchor bracelet. Resolutely casual, the cream model instantly gives you a natural look and goes with absolutely any clothing. If you are looking for an escape, a blue nautical bracelet will be perfect. No matter where you go, the anchor bracelet will look great. During a one-on-one dinner with your wife, on the occasion of an evening with friends or at work, it will quickly become your favorite fashion accessory. What is certain is that you will inevitably find the one that suits you among the nautical bracelets of our collection.

In addition, each model is easily adjusted using a sliding knot: a boat bracelet must indeed be well adjusted to enhance your outfit nicely. A timeless anchor bracelet Dare chic and originality with a Monzémaré anchor bracelet! This fashion accessory has captured the eye with subtlety and has done so since the dawn of time. It must be said that this metal object inseparable from the sea is a dream for all people in search of escape! True icon of sailors and fishermen, the anchor symbolizes the return to port after facing the oceans. It also represents stability, since it maintains the ship to prevent it from drifting. Here is a perfect fancy gift to offer to your man, to reveal to him your deep desire to lead a peaceful life by his side! Our bracelets have the distinction of being refined and suitable for all.