Large Blue Turquoise Pearl Bracelet by Johnny Hallyday


You want to have a bracelet of matt black pearls and a large pearls Blue in real Turquoise similar to the one Johnny Hallyday wears?

the bracelets that Johnny Halyday wears in the rok'nroll film

Johnny Hallyday wears it in the Rock'n roll film by Guillaume Canet

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His bracelet shamballa is composed of black pearls in matt Onyx with a very large in the middle pearls azure blue Pierre of True Turquoise.

Johnny Hallyday's wrist jewel

This jewel is a unique piece… fortunately we offer to make for you exactly the same meme for an affordable price. This very rare bracelet is guaranteed for 12 months, it is made with quality materials and will bring you satisfaction.

the turquoise pearl bracelet by Johnny hallyday

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