Feng Shui


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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese ancient practice. Its role is to improve the circulation of energy, Chi, through an arrangement of our living environment. Feng Shui is a millennial Asian art, with the aim of harmonizing a living space in order to become a part of it. It promotes the well-being and prosperity of residents. In the same spirit, the fine stones and semi precious each have different energy qualities. They will be useful for promoting happiness, love, money and health in your existence. Shamballa Paris has selected for you precious and original jewelry, creating handcrafted costume jewelry. Discover the Feng Shui style with our Zen Jewelry: Good luck charms, protections, feng shui jewelry, feng shui crystals, to balance your chakras. Premium fashion and trendy jewelry creations shamballa with spiritual significance (doctrine) chosen in relation to your zodiac sign. Discover the Mandala aesthetic of Kalachakra and more generally of the New Age, inspired by Tibetan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. Order real esoteric bracelets shamballa made of braided drawstring or nylon with sliding knot with large or small crystal beads 7 chakras and rhinestone beads, neon pink disco ball or swarovski crystal or mala lucky charm bracelets made with an elastic band, assembled with balls, seed beads as a spacer and small or large natural gemstones. Our shamballa are adorned with ornaments such as buddha heads or vanities (skull, skull and skull). These elements are made of solid 925 silver or vermeil (gold-plated silver). Our shamballa are set with zirconia or swarovski crystal.Where to find and buy bracelet shamballa not expensive for small budgets when we do not find in store and we like the style of shamballa jewels? Here you will find creations at low prices of jewelry shamballa made of pearls and cord in waxed cotton and thread in macramé nylon interlaced with sliding knot. Cheap, original and of quality and always guaranteed! Details worldwide: London, Geneva, Paris, Brussels, Monaco. Our jewelry is made to order and customizable online!